Beyond Resolved is now available!

Today, Beyond Resolved: A Public Forum Debate Manual for Debaters and Coaches has been released for sale. Merely one year ago the Manual was an idea, and today it is a reality! You can purchase the Manual here.  Beyond Resolved is currently available to purchase in print and the digital edition will soon be available to purchase for Kindle. You can download a short preview of the manual here.

I am excited to share this book with you and use this blog to help you improve your debating. This is an exciting new chapter for me and I hope for you too. Whether you are a coach or a debater, Beyond Resolved has been written with you in mind. With detailed information on Public Forum, skills building, practice, and debate philosophy, Beyond Resolved is a comprehensive guide to Public Forum debate. Explore this site for free content, samples, and topic analysis. I will also be answering questions in a weekly post – please submit your questions about the Manual, Public Forum, the current topic, etc. to




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