Oops – Beyond Resolved sales on hold, and a story…

I had to make a few minor edits to Beyond Resolved, but it will be back up for sale tomorrow. The main edit was catching a error in my own debate career! I mention using a lucky flip quarter for four years, when in fact, the quarter was only a two-year superstition. Mind you, I still have the quarter so it is now seven years old, but it was in use for two.

I’m sure there are more than a few debaters out there with superstitions. A tie. A pen. A notebook. Perhaps even a pre-debate pump-up song. My partner Brittany and I had our quarter, a lovely Wisconsin quarter with a cow on it. Was there a reason for Wisconsin? No. Was there a process of selecting the best quarter? No. Brittany and I began joking it was our lucky quarter after our first tournament. I made sure I brought it with us more out of habit that superstition. It was something to laugh about.

The morning of our County tournament, my mom came into my bedroom to let me know that Brittany was on our house phone. I was shocked she had my house number and groggily got on the phone. Brittany wanted to know if I was going to pick her up soon. My eyes sped to the clock and and I saw that I must have set my alarm clock for an hour later. Somehow I made it out the door in fifteen minutes, picked Brittany up, and we barely made check-in. It wasn’t until our first round that I realized that the quarter had been left at home. Honestly, I was happy we made it to check-in and thought little of the quarter. When breaks were posted, Brittany and I did not break. This was the first tournament we did not break at, this coming after having broken at every tournament we had been to that year. Of course we were disappointed. In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think of the quarter

For the next two years, I made sure the lucky quarter came to every debate round with us. In fact, after that County tournament we broke at every tournament… and with each successive success the quarter became more and more believably lucky. So when I got the minor detail of the quarter’s use incorrect in Beyond Resolved, I felt that I needed to correct the fiction for fact.

While the quarter didn’t make us debate well, it was a fun tradition and now funny memory. Making traditions enriches your experience and builds partnership.

In any case, Beyond Resolved will be up for sale again tomorrow. Cheers!


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