Looking to improve your debating?

Do you wish you had debate coaching specific to Public Forum? Wanted to go to a summer camp but couldn’t afford it? Buy briefs for evidence but want to improve the other aspects of debate?

Beyond Resolved is the best $20 you can invest in your Public Forum career.

I know that as a debater, I would be skeptical about buying a book on debate. What could a book teach me if I have a coach, teammates, and tournaments to help me improve?

Beyond Resolved was written exactly for you. It covers each aspect of Public Forum from basic explanation, to how to perform well and think critically about each aspect. You won’t find a more in-depth look at each speech, strategy, and general debate skills specifically addressed to PF debaters.

Money an issue? For the first five people to email me at beyondresolved@gmail.com, I will provide you a $5 dollar discount code for the book. If you are a coach looking to buy a class set, email me and we can discuss a large order discount rate.

I wrote Beyond Resolved in order to make this knowledge more accessible and am here to help.





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