What are people saying about Beyond Resolved?

Nicholas Sevano, Ten-Year Speech and Debate Coach at Spring Valley HS in Las Vegas, NV had the following to say about Beyond Resolved:
Ashley Artmann’s book Beyond Resolved: A Public Forum Debate Manual is an indispensable addition to the library of both debate coach and student. Ms. Artmann has taken her knowledge and experience as a debater and college coach and has written an instructional guide that strikes a balance between the technical and oratorical aspects of debate. This text is written with the student in mind, and not just the novice student. Her sections on framework, rebuttal, block writing, and impact calculus are invaluable and present otherwise overwhelming concepts in simple, direct, and precise language. I was struck by Ms. Artmann’s attention to the small moments of communication and how they all contribute to the overall impact of a round. I highly recommend this to any student or coach looking for a class text that will produce positive results.

Have you purchased Beyond Resolved and want to write a review? I sure would appreciate it!

Write your review here – many thanks in advance!

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