Did you know…?

There are a few ways you can access great Public Forum Resources through Beyond Resolved?

Subscribe to posts on beyondresolved.wordpress.com

Whenever something new appears on the site, it will appear in your inbox! Look on the righthand tool bar and you’ll find the subscription service. It only takes a few clicks and you are connected!

Email me your questions!

Every week I answer questions on Fridays under Q&A, and these are generated by you. You can email me general questions, topic related questions, and questions related to Beyond Resolved at beyondresolved@gmail.com. Drop me and email and say hi. Let me know if you want to see anything different on the site or want to know more about the Manual.

Free Resource Page!

Some helpful sites that I have found through my debate career and time coaching can be found on the Resources page, found on the upper righthand side of the Beyond Resolved homepage. Check out these other great Public Forum resources.

Buy Beyond Resolved!

Beyond Resolved is over 200 pages dedicated to explaining everything about Public Forum and helping you build the skills with practical application. You’ll find the portal to purchase the book through Amazon in the top righthand corner of Beyond Resolved. I promise it will be the best money you spend on Public Forum all year. It’s less than the cost of one month’s worth of Evidence Briefs and it is a book you can use to improve all of your debating. I encourage you to check it out.


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