Q&A: Picking a Public Forum Camp if I have Policy debate experience?

Q: During my freshman year I did policy debate. The only experience I have for pufo is case writing and a few in class rounds, but I was pretty successful at policy. Do you think I will be able to do the 2 Week Core Session w/o the beginners Week at SNFI? Also, is the camp tournament competitive?


First off, I think it is a great idea to attend a PF camp if you are transitioning from Policy to Public Forum. That said, with a year of Policy under your belt you have experience writing arguments, speaking, researching, etc. I would suggest that you do not attend a beginner’s workshop at any camp. You can learn the structure of PF from online resources or your team. What will benefit you most is practice rounds and more advanced lectures.

Camp tournaments are competitive. There is usually a range of experience in the debaters who attend camps. Rounds are also judged very well – meaning you will be evaluated for all aspects of your content and presentation.

Be on the lookout for my Beyond Resolved Public Forum Summer Camp Guide updates in the coming weeks.


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