Topic Analysis: April 2014 Public Forum Topic & Research

The April 2014 Public Forum topic is

Resolved: Prioritizing economic development over environmental protection is in the best interest of the people of India.

As your are making headway into the April Topic, here is a refresher list of research and evidence for this month’s topic. Remember, you’re never done researching until the tournament is over. Keep your sources and arguments fresh. More reading will deepen your understanding of the topic and perhaps open up new arguments and strategies for your cases.



The World Bank Poverty Profile of India – great assessment, data, and explanations

The World Bank “India: Green Growth – Overcoming Environment Challenges to Promote Development

The Hindu “India needs multi-pronged approach to eradicate poverty: Report” on the interconnectedness of social issues, including poverty and the environment

McKinsey Global Institute Report “India’s path from poverty to empowerment”

World Wildlife Fund Report on Environmental Problems in India

India Environmental Portal – comprehensive site on environmental issues in India, “Over 4,00,000contextual, curated, cross-tagged specialised research reports and government documents”

India’s Centre for Science and the Environment

UNICEF’s India Reports

UN’s Development Programme in India

A Theoretical Study of Rural Poverty in India

Population, Poverty, and Climate Change

Good luck with your National Qualifying tournaments!



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