Public Forum Debate Summer Camps: Additions

This is an addition to the  Beyond Resolved Public Forum Summer Camp Guide: Midwest.  The original post on 4/15/2014 covered Midwest the specific camps; I was recently informed of two more PF camps that take place in the Midwest.

One important note is that the inaccessibility of Public Forum Debate Camps (due to cost) is one of the main reasons I wrote Beyond Resolved. This book is the distillation of all my main lectures and coaching from SNFI and my years at St. Francis HS. I highly encourage you to get a copy, whether you go to debate camp or not, to use as your study guide this summer. This is not a shameless plug (I don’t make all that much from book sales), but more an honest encouragement to work on your debating in whatever way you can. For many of us, (I didn’t attend a PF Summer Camp in high school), a summer camp is out of our budget range. A book, however, is not. Check it out here for yourself.


Hoosier Debate CampIndiana University Bloomington, IU

“A Winning Curriculum: Learn the Fundamentals

The Hoosier Debate Camp is dedicated to building a curriculum that teaches debaters to become self-sufficient. We will make sure that each graduate of our program is well prepared to tackle all future competitive debate obstacles. After attending the Hoosier Debate Camp, students will show an advancement in their understanding of argumentation and debate theory, research methods, and audience analysis and adaption. Students should be able to walk into the 2014-2015 season with confidence in their speaking abilities to perform well against any form of competition. After spending one- or two-weeks with us, the student will be provided with a road map of success for the rest of the summer through the start of the season and beyond. Attending debate camp is one of the most important decisions to make if your goals include preparing for success at your state, national qualification, and national championship tournaments. It is never too early to prepare for success!”


2 Week Option: June 28 – July 12th

1 Week Option A: June 28 – July 5th

1 Week Option B: July 5th- July 12th

Deadline to Apply: June 15, 2014

Price: 1 Week $600, 2 Week $1075

Practice Rounds: Two-day in camp tournament plus practice rounds in lab time

Topics Covered:

  • “Argumentation and Debate Theory: How do the best debaters seem to have an uncanny ability to take apart even the strongest arguments? If you know the basics of how arguments are produced and defended, you can reveal and challenge the weaknesses of any of your opponent’s arguments. Furthermore, learning the language and culture of debate and its theoretical background will provide students with the tools to make debate into what they want it to become. Students should walk away with a substantial increase in their knowledge of the language of debate.
  • Research Methods: In a world where nearly everyone has the ability to produce written text, we are at risk of “overload” of information on any topic of discussion. The ability to efficiently locate as well as process qualified evidence is the essence of being a good debater. Students will learn how to rapidly navigate quality online resources and college library resources as well as methods of organizing vast amounts of information into usable formats. This skill is highly valuable for the future academic success of the student and is a great resource for future employment.
  • Speaking and adaption: Practice makes perfect. Our lab leaders will be instructed to integrate several speaking drills and practice debates into their lab time. Their instruction will center on a key concept of adapting to audiences of varying degrees of belief and perspective. We will teach methods for campers to learn the language of one’s audience. Truly successful debaters will need to learn to speak to audiences from around the state as well as the country.”

Thoughts: This camp is a steal price wise and a great opportunity for debaters in the region. It is still a young camp and the staff seems to have a heavy Policy Background besides the PF director.  If you live in the area I would look into this program. Check in with the camp for details on the PF program’s offering and skill levels targeted in the one and two week options.
Contact: Director of Debate Brian L. DeLong: 812-856-7585,

Champion Briefs Institute: Minnesota and Florida

At the Champion Briefs Institute, we take tremendous pride in our Summer Debate Program. We have designed a curriculum that focuses not only on the debate-specific knowledge needed to succeed in competition but also on the public speaking skills that will help students succeed outside of debate. Our goal is to provide a meaningful experience to novice debaters and four-year veterans alike, which is why our program is designed to focus on each individual’s needs.”


Minnesota: August 3, 2014 – August 17, 2014, The University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Florida: June 23, 2014 – July 6, 2014, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale

Deadline to Apply: n/a


Minnesota: Commuter Camp – $1095, Residential Camp – $1850

Florida: Commuter Camp – $850 (only)

Practice Rounds:

Lectures are key to learning new skills but the more important part of learning is reinforcing the skills. Throughout the program, our students will have the opportunity to work individually with each of our instructors. They will be able to fine-tune their speaking, cases, and other key elements or discuss lecture topics further. This type of one-on-one instruction at a debate camp is unique to the Champion Briefs Institute and will help debaters reach the next level of success.”

Topics Covered:

“Our classes and seminars are each taught by two instructors. Classes are either presentational or discussion based but every class is interactive. Aside from classes, we hold seminars and discussions on topics ranging from case writing to the psychology of judges to the geopolitics of resource security. Our faculty goes out of its way to make you think harder and deeper about how you debate and how to win your rounds. Our curriculum includes lectures in these topics and many more: Case writing, Partner Strategy Planning, Refutation, Persuading a Judge, Dominating Cross Examination, Using Evidence and Methodologies, Progressive Styles, Judge Adaptation, Real World Analytics, Using Philosophical Standpoints, Linking to the Resolution, Closing the Round”

Thoughts: Champion Briefs is connected with NDF, one of the oldest camps out there, meaning though a relatively new camp it draws on years of success. The large staff guarantees one-on-one attention. The camp curriculum appears comprehensive. Although the staff is very young, and therefore untested as a teacher/lab leader, you’ve got some of the most successful recent grad debaters in the country on staff which means a lot of great information will be passed on.

Contact: (954) 253-1843 or email on Camp website




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