Nationals Topic Analysis: 2014 and Ukraine

Resolved: NATO should strengthen its relationship with Ukraine in order to deter further Russian aggression.


An important facet of this year’s nationals topics is RECENCY. This topic can literally change everyday, which means you need to stay updated on the latest news on the conflict in Ukraine. For that reason, finding some reliable websites or RSS news feed is critical. Stay relevant by keeping your evidence recent. Here are some of my favorite news outlets as well as great places to start building your knowledge of the conflict in Ukraine.

Times Topics Ukraine

Run by the New York Times, this is a top pick for staying up to date on the Ukraine as well as a great starting place for research. The page includes:

Chronology of Coverage: A timeline of major articles written about the Ukraine

Articles: Articles published by the New York Times on the topic

The Lede: A blog of the most recent news

Ukraine Navigator: A list of resources about Ukraine as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times.

Ukraine Resources: Other sites that can give topic specific information on the Ukraine

Multimedia: Videos on the Ukraine

Another great resources is the Economist Topic Index – Ukraine. This is similar to Time Topics in that it compiles Economist articles on the topic. There is not the additional information that the NYT provides. However, the Economist produces a video/article entitled “The Week Explained” each week that can keep you updated – check out the video from May 1, 2014.

The Week Magazine, a news outlet that compiles what other news outlets produce, also has a great topic page at The Week Magazine – Ukraine.

ABC News has produced some helpful infographics on the Ukrainian conflict as well:

Ukraine and Russia: the military imbalance [infographic]

Explained: Ukraine conflict in maps

Remember as you get deeper into secondary research you MUST stay in touch with the basics of the conflict and what is going on on the ground. Sign up for e-mail alerts, make one of these topic pages your homepage, or sign up for an RSS feed. Stay up to date all the way to Kansas!


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