Bulk orders or Class sets of Beyond Resolved

Hello Beyond Resolved readers!

It was great to meet some of you at the Nationals Expo this past week in Overland Park. Nationals was a thrilling week overall and I had the privilege of judging some fantastic debate rounds, including the 1st and 2nd place teams before the final round. Thanks to the readers who stopped by my table to say hi and thanks to the new readers and owners of Beyond Resolved.

Quite a few coaches have asked about ordering class sets or bulk ordering the Manual. In response I have a new price structure for bulk orders:

10+  for $15 a piece + shipping

25+  for $12 a piece + shipping

50+  for $10 a piece + shipping

To take advantage of this pricing, please contact me at beyondresolved@gmail.com. If you go through createspace.com or amazon.com the book will still be listed at $20 in print and $10 for Kindle. If you are a coach working around a tight budget we can discuss other pricing options if you write me.

Here’s to a great summer break and some topic down time that can be spent on honing your PF skills in other ways.




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