November 2014: SourceWatch and Monsanto

Resolved: On balance, the benefits of genetically modified foods outweigh the harms.

You’ve can’t get far into research on GM food without running into the name Monsanto, one of the “Big 6” Biotech companies. Not only does Monsanto produce GM food, but it has a very strong lobbying arm working against GMO labeling campaigns.

Like most topics, you want to know who you are citing or discussing in your evidence. GM food is no different – in fact, it may be more important for you to know your sources because there is so much money in GM food and on both sides of the political/cultural battle over GM food.

I highly suggest SourceWatch as a great site for checking out your sources as well as key players in this topic (and any topic).

Also look at any current legal or legislative battles for clues as to who is on what side. Check out this Christian Science Monitor article for an introduction to the lawsuit filed in Vermont after it successfully passed a GMO labeling law.

Remember, always know who your sources are and what they stand for. While no source is objective, you need to be able to defend (and attack) your sources in their subjective view.


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