Philosophy and Public Forum

While in the debate world Lincoln Douglas, Policy, Congress, Parliamentary, and Public Forum are separate entities, there is a lot of overlap. No, I am not going to promote the increased speeds being used in Public Forum. I am going to argue that learning from other debates will make you a better debater. Period.

One great way to improve your PF debating (especially in the Framework department) is to take some notes from your LD friends. In LD debaters have a working knowledge of political and social theory than underscores each topic. No surprise here, but those same theories apply to many PF topics.

A successful LD debater suggested the book, The Individual and The Political Order by Bowie and Simon, as an introduction and overview of important theories. While you may not want to spend $45 dollars on it, it is highly likely you can find it at a local library or university library. You can also sign up for a free trial of Questia research where you can access the book.

I have also uploaded a useful PDF from the NSDA titled SELECTED PHILOSOPHY TOPICS THAT ARISE FREQUENTLY IN LINCOLN-DOUGLAS DEBATE by David M. Shapiro. This would be a great place to start as you venture into LD land a pick up a few tips and tricks.


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