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Hello Readers!

It has been a while since you’ve heard from me on the blog, but I’m still here – and almost graduated from law school. I’m so glad Beyond Resolved has been such a success and has helped many debaters and coaches across the country.

If you’re new to Beyond Resolved, I’m here to offer you a sample – a portion of the chapter on case writing – for your review.

BR Sample

I would also like to let all educators know that there are deals for buying in bulk – please contact me at for such orders.

The pricing is as follows:

10+ books: $19 per book (includes shipping)

20+ books: $17 per book (includes shipping)

30+ books: $15 per book (includes shipping)


Cheers – and best of luck in National tournament qualifiers!



Selecting a Public Forum Debate Camp

Beyond Resolved: A Public Forum Debate Manual for Debaters and Coaches

Selecting a Public Forum Debate Camp

How do you know what will be the best learning experience for you this summer? Here’s a checklist of things to consider as you look at Public Forum Debate camps.

  1. What skill levels does the camp target? Many camps offer a variety of programs, ranging from beginner workshops to advanced workshops. Know your skill level and know what kind of program you are looking for. Many camps provide an introductory/beginner workshop and nothing else. If you are a more advanced debater, you may not get that much out of such a camp.
  2. How many practice rounds are offered? Practice rounds are one of the most important parts of a debate camp. These allow you to get concrete feedback on your personal delivery and argumentation style. Make sure the camp includes practice rounds. Most camps will run an “in camp” tournament towards the end of…

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Public Forum Camp Directory

Looking for a summer debate camp?

Check out the Beyond Resolved Public Forum Camp Directory. This contains the camp dates, prices, and contact information as of May 2014.

Please check in with the camp itself for updates for this year’s camps.

I must admit my biases from the start. I worked at the Stanford National Forensics Institute for four years and think that SNFI has a wonderful PF program (I helped start it after all). That does not mean that SNFI is the only camp worth going to – selecting a camp is about finding the best fit for you. This means you’ll be doing impact analysis for your own life to figure out which camp to attend.

One important note is that the inaccessibility of Public Forum Debate Camps (due to cost) is one of the main reasons I wrote Beyond Resolved. This book is the distillation of all my main lectures and coaching from SNFI and my years at St. Francis HS. I highly encourage you to get a copy, whether you go to debate camp or not, to use as your study guide this summer. This is not a shameless plug (I don’t make all that much from book sales), but more of an honest encouragement to work on your debating in whatever way you can. For many of us, (I didn’t attend a PF Summer Camp in high school), a summer camp is out of our budget range. A book, however, is not. Check it out here for yourself.