Welcome to Beyond Resolved!

Hello debater, coach, or interested person – and welcome to Beyond Resolved. This site contains free material, past topic analysis, and answered questions from debaters around the country. The material reflects the content of Beyond Resolved: A Public Forum Manual for Debaters and Coaches. I’ve collected the wisdom from my years of debating and coaching Public Forum and that of my colleagues and debaters I’ve had the privilege of working with. Check out this free information and check out the full manual, available on Amazon. You’ll find the link on the righthand toolbar of this page. There’s a full description on the About page above this post.

Feel free to email me any questions about the manual at beyondresolved@gmail.com – I love to help aspiring debaters and coaches at any level.

For now I’m putting on hold further topic analysis – law school is kicking back into gear and I’ll be putting my head down for that purpose.





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